Key West Safari Eco Tour Snorkeling





Snorkel the back country of Key West where only the locals go

Key West Safari Eco Tour Snorkel
Safai Guide Snorkelign
Key West MAngroves
Be your own captain
Free Snorkeling Instruction

Safari Eco Snorkeling Tour


Snorkel the back country where only the locals go.




2 People per boat



On Line Discount Only $168 per boat

Small Child 40 pounds and under as 3rd rider $39.00



Be your own captain and drive a mini speed boat


2 1/2 Hour Tour, Snorkel gear provided

Departs 9am, 12, 3 PM


Follow your guide on this 20 mile adventure

Explore the National Marine Sanctuary

Go where only the locals go


Snorkel the tropical Key West Waters









Be Your Own Captain 




Drive your own Mini Speed Boat




Safari Snorkel Eco Tour


 We will show you how to drive
your own mini Speed boat.

Just you and a friend to have the best time

in the Flora Marine National Sanctuary








Snorkel the waters around Key West




Key West Eco Snorkeling Tour


Snorkeling the shallow tropical waters
of Key West, you will see
tropical fish in there natural habitat.

As you effortlessly move around





Back Country




The Scenic Mangroves




The Key West Back Country


You will travel through the

mangroves and see them up close and personal from a truly unique perspective

as you captain your own boat.





Guided Tour



Follow a guide around Key West




Follow your guide in Key West


Follow a Guide deep into the back Country 

Idle through mangrove islands 

See Tropical marine life, visit Bird Island
and go where only the locals go






Professional Instruction




Never snorkeled? NO Problem




Snorkel instruction


If you have never snorkeled
Our professional instructors
We will show you how easy it is to snorkel and supply all the equipment





Back Country Beaches




Beautiful beaches of the back country




Key West Back COuntry Beaches


Enjoy the back country beaches in there pristine condition

Go where only the locals go and relax-on the secluded remote beach

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