Key West's Best Snorkeling Trips

5 Different Snorkel Trips   with Sunset Watersports

Reef Snorkel

Key West Reef Snorkel

Do IT All Snorkel

Key West Do IT all Snorkel

Dolphin Watch Snorkel

Key West Dolphin Watch Snorkel

Sunset Snorkel Sail

Key West Sunset Sail Snorkel

Safari Eco Tour Snorkel

Key West Safai Eco Tour Snaorkel

Key West's Best Snorkel Trips


5 different Key West Snorkel Trips
for you to Snorkel the Tropical Waters of Key West


Key West Reef Snorkel

Key West Reef Snorkeling



Snorkel the Coral Reef with Sunset Watersports

Take a 3 hour snorkel trip on the Sadie Cat

Enjoy the tropical waters of Key West as you Sail to the Living Coral Reef

Enjoy a continental breakfast on the morning Snorkel trip and

For the Afternoon Snorkel trip enjoy
Unlimited well mixed Drinks, Draft beer for the trip back in.




Do It All Snorkel 

Key West Do IT All Snorkeling


The " Do IT All" All Day watersports Adventure

is the ultimate watersports adventure in Key West.

Snorkel a shallow water ship wreck.

Enjoy 12 watersports

the all day watersports adventure is a 6 hour

watersports adventure that is

Guaranteed to wear you out



Dolphin Snorkel

Key West Dolphin SNorkeling Trip


The Key West Dolphin watch Snorkel trip.

We have 2 different trips from you to chose from.
The Dolphin Watch snorkel combo or

the Triple combo Dolphin Watch, Snorkel, and Sunset Cruise Trip.

You get to see Dolphins in their natural environment
in the Florida Keys National Sanctuary .



Sunset Sail Snorkel

Key West Sunset Snorkel SAil



Enjoy a beautiful evening on the water after you have snorkeled the Living coral reef in the tropical waters of Key West Florida

Watch the world famous Key West Sunset as you sip on your cocktail..

Free draft beer, well drinks, wine and champagne,

and appetizers



Safari Eco Snorkel Tour 

Key West Safari Eco Snorkel Tour



Be your own captain as you drive your own mini speed boat
around the back country of Key West.

See the mangrove islands up close and the local birds

Snorkel in the areas where only the locals go.






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